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underpaid Treasures Basketball Premium VOL. 5 Release date & all Information!

Jan 12, 2024Maximilian Holze

After 5 months of waiting, the new Underpaid Treasures Basketball Premium Repack VOL is coming. 5 out. You can find all the Information here!

Release date: Sunday, January 14, 2023 at 5:00 p.m., exclusively on underpaidcollectibles.com

Key facts about the product:

  • Transparency: Completely transparent repack product, true to the motto 'Repack done right'. Everything from the content to the pricing model can be viewed transparently, which is the only way such a product can work.

  • Pricing model:
    (fair value (market value) of all cards + 10%) / number of copies + VAT.

  • Limited Edition: Limited to 50 boxes, each with one card. Includes top rookies from past years and a high quality selection of veterans and players in general, such as Dirk Nowitzki, Chet Holmgren, Paolo Banchero, LaMelo Ball, Franz Wagner and many more.

  • Card Sourcing: All cards were purchased, hand-packaged and sealed specifically for this product.

Checklist: This time you can see a complete checklist of all cards with pictures!


    Top Chase Cards:

    • 2022-23 Panini NBA Donruss Elite Dirk Nowitzki / Chet Holmgren Passing the Torch Dual Autograph SSP
      Chet Holmgren/Dirk Nowitzki Dual Autograph

    Looking forward to great hits too!

    I wish you good luck,
    Max from underpaidcollectibles.com

    You can find more Information on our social media channels and on underpaidcollectibles.com

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