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Coming soon: Immaculate Hobby NBA 22-23, Court Kings Hobby 23-24 and Donruss Hobby 23-24!

Jan 04, 2024Maximilian Holze

2024 kicks off with some exciting new product lines from Panini that will enrich any NBA trading card collection. Here's a look at the three newest, old well-known series that will be available soon:

🏀 2022-23 Panini NBA Immaculate Collection Hobby

Release date: January 12, 2024

Contents per box:

  • (3) Autograph cards
  • (2) Memorabilia cards

Product highlights:

  • Rookie Patch Autograph: These impressive ON-CARD autographs with a selection of patches are a highlight for collectors.
  • Diverse memorabilia content: From sneaker soles to shoelaces - this series offers a unique variety.
  • Oversized Memorabilia: Large format prime memorabilia in Various shapes and sizes.
  • New and Unique Combinations: Dual, Triple and Quad Autographs offer exciting new combinations.

🏀 2023-24 Panini NBA Court Kings Hobby

Release date: January 17, 2024

Contents per box:

  • (1) Autograph card
  • (1) Memorabilia card
  • (4) Basic cards
  • (1) Rookie card
  • (1) Parallel
  • (2) Insert cards

Product highlights:

  • Autograph card in every box: Brush Strokes, Impressionist Ink and Masterstrokes as well as the BRAND NEW Amber parallel.
  • Rookie card in every box: All four versions of the Rookies plus the short-printed Rookie Exclusive.
  • Memorabilia Card: NEW Debut Showcase Memorabilia Insert.
  • (2) Insert Cards: Including Self Expression and SUPER-SHORT Printed Aurora.

🏀 2023-24 Panini NBA Donruss Basketball Hobby + Choice!

Release date: January 24, 2024

Contents per box:

  • (1) Autograph card
  • (60) Inserts/Parallels

Product highlights:

  • Autograph cards: With graded Rookie Signatures, Next Day Autographs as well as Dominators and Rookie Dominators Autographs.
  • (60) Inserts/Parallels: Includes Net Marvels, Unleashed, Retro Series and Crunch Time. New are Hardwood Masters and Zero Gravity.
  • HOBBY EXCLUSIVE Parallels: Press Proof Silver Die-Cut, Holo Blue Laser, Press Proof Gold Die-Cut, Holo Gold Laser and Holo Black Laser.

Of course, all retail products will also be available at Donruss.

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