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Information about underpaid treasures

'underpaid Treasures' is the in-house 'Repack' product line.

The Pack Edition , is a box which contains a certain amount of booster packs and is released monthly.

Classic underpaid Treasures Pack, contains one card per box.

The pricing model for all* underpaid Treasures Repack Boxes is as follows:

(Market value of all cards / number of packs) + 10% + VAT

*for classic underpaid Treasures Packs

Whether Pack Edition or classic Treasure Pack, the content is always transparently communicated .

For classic treasure packs, from 2024 there will also be a checklist available for each pack with pictures of all cards.

So far, all classic underpaid treasure packs have always sold out very quickly.

If a pack has not been released recently, it may be that no pack is currently available.
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The Pack Edition is released monthly with new content and can then be ordered throughout the month.

You can subscribe to the Pack Edition monthly via the product page and save 3% from your first order on!

Please note that a subscription can currently only be taken out using a credit card .

All underpaid Treasure editions

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Pack Editions and classic Treasure Packs